How to Use Message Edit in WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp, then a very good news is coming for you that whatsapp launched Message Edit in WhatsApp, recently a new way to edit the messages sent in WhatsApp has been shared. A very good news has been shared by WhatsApp for WhatsApp users, now you will be able to re-edit and change the message sent but whenever you change that message, a text named Edited will appear next to it.

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What is Message Edit in WhatsApp?

Let us first know what message edit is and why it is necessary to use it and how we can take advantage of it. To take advantage of this, first of all you have to send a message to any person in WhatsApp, then follow the next step as mentioned below.

WhatsApp message edit is a medium through which any person can edit and change the message sent by him. But when the other person comes to know that the message has been changed because there shows a notification named Message Edit.

How To Use Message Edit in WhatsApp?

If you also want to delete the message sent by you or want to change it by editing, then the complete method of how to edit is given below. By following this you will be able to edit any message that has been shared by you but for this you will need to use the latest application.

  • Select the message you want to edit.
  • Click on the 3dot above.
  • Select edit there.
  • Now the message you want to change will open.
  • You change it and click OK.
  • Your message has been successfully changed.
  • A text written ‘Edited’ will appear next to the message.

If you are facing any kind of problem in changing the message, then first of all check whether the latest application of WhatsApp is installed in your device or not. If your device does not have the latest application installed then the edit option will not show on your device.

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How to enable message edit in WhatsApp?

If you also want to use message edit and that option is not showing in your device. So it may be that your device is not in the latest update, or you have not updated the WhatsApp application from Play Store or these may be the main reasons.

  • Update WhatsApp application from Play Store.
  • Keep your mobile on latest updates.
  • Do not use any type of third party application.
  • Use the official WhatsApp application or Business WhatsApp.

These are available in the official application which you can use. The complete process of using them is explained above, by following which you will be able to make full use of the message edit in WhatsApp application.


You have to take advantage of the new update inside the WhatsApp application, in which a new update called Message Edit in WhatsApp has come, using which you will be able to re-edit and change the sent message.

To use this update, follow the step-by-step process mentioned above and using it you can edit any message however it will work only in the latest version as it is not supported in older versions.