Know All About WhatsApp Encryption

You all would know about encryption because you all use WhatsApp and WhatsApp has an encryption feature. Chats made from WhatsApp messages are protected by WhatsApp encryption. Encryption is such a feature through which we can keep our chat safe, that is, we can put a pin in encryption in WhatsApp and you can login to WhatsApp only by putting that pin again.

What is WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp encryption is built into WhatsApp for privacy and security. Due to WhatsApp encryption, messages, photos and videos and other documents, calls, etc. are all secure. Due to WhatsApp encryption, no one can misuse your WhatsApp messages and documents and other messages. By using WhatsApp encryption, a digital lock is installed so that no one is allowed to open that lock.

Many times it happens that personal data of any person is stolen illegally by hackers and people are harmed by misuse of technology. That’s why encryption feature has been implemented in WhatsApp so that messages and all other data can be digitally protected and people do not have to face problems like hacking. WhatsApp encryption keeps WhatsApp messages and calls secure, so no one can see or listen to them.

How WhatsApp Encryption Works

We all have the feature of encryption in WhatsApp. Any conversation we have with anyone on WhatsApp, be it through messages or calls, is all protected by WhatsApp encryption. The encryption in WhatsApp is the Signal Protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems. With the help of WhatsApp encryption, you can keep your messages and all your WhatsApp data safe. WhatsApp encryption helps keep your messages secure.

How to enable whatsapp encryption

Below we have listed some steps to enable WhatsApp encryption. You can easily enable WhatsApp encryption by following the steps mentioned below. By enabling WhatsApp encryption, all your data will be safe, that means your WhatsApp will never be hacked.

  • First open the setting of WhatsApp,
  • Then click on Chat Backup.
  • Then tap on End to End Encryption Backup,
  • Then click on turn on
  • Now create password, i.e. click on create password,
  • After this wait till the backup of WhatsApp,
  • After this encryption will be enabled in your WhatsApp.

Benefits of WhatsApp Encryption

WhatsApp encryption keeps WhatsApp Messenger secure. By enabling encryption in WhatsApp, the data of your WhatsApp messages and calls is only available to the people you talk to, or with whom you chat through messages on WhatsApp. Apart from this, no other person can read your message. On enabling encryption in WhatsApp, you have to create a password, which password remains only with you, so that all the data of WhatsApp is protected. That is, WhatsApp encryption provides security to users’ data.


WhatsApp encryption protects any data of WhatsApp from being hacked, that is, by enabling encryption in WhatsApp, no hacker can see our messages or listen to the data of conversations made through calls. We all should enable encryption on our phones. With this all our data is secure and we can avoid problems like hacking.