How to Pin a Message in WhatsApp

If you want to pin a chat and keep it at the top so that you can find it first, then for this we have explained some process below. With the help of which you can get information about how someone’s message can be pinned in WhatsApp. Let us tell you that if you want to know how to pin someone’s chat in WhatsApp, then you can pin chats of only three people in WhatsApp.

If someone’s message is very important and special for you, then you can keep it pinned so that it can be found immediately when you read it. Pinning messages in WhatsApp is an important feature of WhatsApp. Which can be used by any person using WhatsApp. This feature helps us to find the chat of the person which is important for us. That is, we can easily search our most important WhatsApp chats immediately by pinning them.

How to pin a message in WhatsApp?

Below we have explained the procedures step by step to chat. So that you too can easily pin the chat on your WhatsApp whose chat is important and useful and if you want to find it immediately when you need it. Due to which you can easily get anyone’s chat at the top and you will not even need to search.

  • Click the chat you want to pin,
  • Tap and hold a chat,
  • After this click on pin chat,
  • Now whose chat was to be pinned will be successfully pinned and will appear at the top.

To unpin a chat, follow the steps below:

If you have pinned someone’s chat on WhatsApp and want to remove it, then follow the instructions given below.

  • Tap and hold a pinned chat,
  • After this click on remove pin from chat,
  • Now the thing you wanted to remove will be removed from the pin.

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In this way, through today’s article, you can get the information and pin someone’s chat and if you want to delete it, you can also delete it. How to pin a WhatsApp chat, and how to remove it after pinning. We have told about all these. We hope you will like this information.