How to Pin a Message in WhatsApp Group?

If you also face trouble in repeatedly searching someone’s messages in WhatsApp, now you want to know how to Pin a Message in WhatsApp Group. So this article is going to be very important for you these days, today we have told you how you can pin anyone’s message in WhatsApp. There are some important chats on WhatsApp and we need them again and again, so instead of searching such chats again and again, we can pin them so that they will be available at the top.

We have told you how to pin a WhatsApp group chat, so that you can also pin any WhatsApp group. By pinning any WhatsApp group, that WhatsApp group will always remain on the top and there will be no need to search again and again. The biggest benefit from this will be that we will not miss any of our WhatsApp group messages and we will also be freed from the hassle of searching again and again. WhatsApp PIN will make our work easier and we will be able to chat easily in any WhatsApp group. Chat Pin feature is provided in WhatsApp through which one can pin the messages of any WhatsApp group.

Pining message in WhatsApp group

At present, WhatsApp has become a common application which is available in almost everyone’s mobile phone all over the world and is used by everyone. WhatsApp is a very important application which helps us to share any photo, video and document. With the help of WhatsApp, we can transfer any file and chat with anyone and the option of video call and audio call can also be given in WhatsApp through which conversation can be done. In such a situation, you all would be receiving messages from many people on your WhatsApp every day and there would be some important chats which you would have to search for again and again.

In such a situation, if you want to remove the hassle of searching someone’s chat again and again, then you can use the PIN feature of WhatsApp for this. Whenever you pin someone’s WhatsApp chat or WhatsApp group, they all appear at the top so that you don’t have to search for them again and again. The PIN feature of WhatsApp can be used on both Android phones and iPhones. This feature allows us to pin chats of a WhatsApp group or any individual and only chats of three people can be pinned through the pin feature of WhatsApp.

How to pin a message in WhatsApp group

We have explained below how any WhatsApp group chat can be pinned. By following the procedures mentioned below, you can easily pin any WhatsApp group chat and avoid the hassle of searching again and again. Below we have explained the pinning procedures step by step so that everyone can know how to pin any WhatsApp group chat message and get it on the top. Many people do not have information due to which people are not able to take advantage of it.

If you want to pin any chat in any WhatsApp, then you need to know some main points about it, like you can pin the chat of only three people in any WhatsApp. Chats of more than three WhatsApp groups cannot be pinned. Pinned chats will be at the top. Pin only those that are important for you because with the feature of Chat Pin, you can pin only a maximum of three chats which will remain at the top, so that you can find them immediately when needed.

How to pin chat in WhatsApp group

  • On any Android phone, tap and hold the chat you want to pin.
  • After this click on the option of pin chat,
  • After doing this, any WhatsApp group or anyone’s chat can be pinned and kept.

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  • Open WhatsApp application in your mobile phone,
  • If your mobile is Android, then tap and hold the WhatsApp group or chat you want to pin.
  • After this the option to pin the chat will appear,
  • Click on it, after this the chat will be pinned.

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Benefits of pin a message in WhatsApp group

You may often receive a lot of messages on your WhatsApp which you may not be able to track on a daily basis and sometimes such messages also come which are important and need to be seen. When you search to view any important chat in WhatsApp, it will consume more of your time and you will find it troublesome to search again and again. If you also want to get the important messages in WhatsApp at the top, then for this you can pin your important chats. You will get many benefits from this, which are as follows

  • If you pin any WhatsApp group, you will get it at the top of WhatsApp,
  • So that you will not need to search again and again,
  • You will be able to read important chats immediately,
  • You can pin the top 3 chats, which are most important to you,
  • Pinned chats will always be on top so you can easily access them when needed,
  • Important chats will not be missed,
  • Through this, any chat can be kept in the top and can be received at the top.


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